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Eagle Beach Reservation Process

Eagle Beach has been serving families for 103 years.  In this time we have served over 100,000 people and learned a great deal about human behavior patterns.  We are able to achieve a 94% rebooking rate and have an average tenure of 17 years.  This is accomplished by matching prospective guests to the atmosphere at Eagle Beach.  Staying here is NOT a right, but a privilege.  We have specific expectations for our guests.  Respecting nature, the grounds, the cabins, and one another is paramount.  Excessively loud or obnoxious behavior is simply not tolerated, regardless of age.  Damage to any resort property will result in full restitution.  Eagle Beach offers a higher level experience than any other resort in the region for those that support our guest atmosphere policies.  If you are interested in interviewing for a possible stay at Eagle Beach in 2024, please contact us at


1. Our Cabins

No other resort in the region offers comparable spacing between cabins.  Additionally, we offer spacious 2, 3, and 4 bedroom cabins finished with tongue and groove pine.  We have new cabins, and historically significant lodges, each with its own unique character.  Every cabin has a deck that faces the water, fully equipped kitchens, weber grills, and wonderful views. 


2. Our Beach

800 feet of west facing natural sand beach creates the ideal lake vacation.  And the best part...our evening sunsets where everyone gathers in awe to take pictures and spiritually renew.  If you enjoy beach vacations, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better destination.  

Beach Sunset.jpg
Face painting at Eagle Beach.jpg

3. Our Children's Programming

No other resort offers teacher designed and supervised children's activities such as those provided at Eagle Beach.  From custom crafts to the C4 Challenge Course, kids will make memories that last a lifetime. See why kids select Eagle Beach over Disneyworld when parents offer them the choice.

Minnesota Special Needs Camp.jpg

4. Our Grounds

The region's only family resort that is completely sodded and irrigated.  Why is this important? Have you ever tried to walk barefoot from the lake to your cabin or lodge at a resort with no grass?  Without sod, you’ll need to bring something to sit on everywhere you go…does that sound like a relaxing vacation?

Eagle Beach Lawn Pic.jpg
Pool picture.jpg

5. Our Pool Area

We have two of the largest chlorinated pools in the region for guests that do not enjoy the wonderful sandy beach or the clean waters of Eagle Lake.  Additionally, we have an enormous hardscaped deck area with chairs, loungers, tables, a gazebo, and a pergola to enjoy.

Gazebo picture.jpg

If unplugging and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family is your top priority, you will not find a better property anywhere in the region…period.  If the attributes listed above are not your top priorities, and you cannot support the behavioral expectations of our guests, we recommend that you find accommodations elsewhere.  Lastly, we do not provide air conditioning or wi-fi in any of our cabins.  In fact, we urge you to exercise extreme caution when looking at properties that offer these two items as this generally indicates they are missing some or ALL of the five key attributes Eagle Beach offers. 


Again, Eagle Beach has been serving families for 102 years.  As a result, preservation of a family experience is our most important priority, but is also a responsibility shared by our guests.  Eagle Beach guests have the utmost respect for nature and other guests.  Any behavior that is deemed unacceptable or disruptive to another guest’s experience will not be tolerated and the guest(s) will be charged for their entire stay, asked to leave, and not allowed to return.  In addition, noise must be kept within your cabin after 11pm and at acceptable levels.

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