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New and Prospective Guest Questions

  1. Do you provide sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows?  YES

    • If you have a toddler that has yet to master overnights, please request moisture proof bedding in the lodge to avoid cleaning or damage charges.

  2. Do you allow pets? (i.e. Dogs, cats, birds, etc.) NO.  We are dog lovers, but unfortunately, we are not able to allow guests to bring these family members.  Please find arrangements prior to your stay at Eagle Beach.

  3. When is Check-in and Check-out?  Guests are allowed to enter the property for check-in at 4:00pm on the Saturday of your check-in week.  The entrance is gated and early entry is not allowed…no exceptions as the staff needs time to prepare all cabins, grounds, and amenities for your stay.  You can pay your remaining balance in the lodge from 7-9pm Friday of your stay.  You must be out of your cabin and off the property by 8:30am on Saturday of your week.

  4. Do you have Wi-Fi in the cabins?  NO, we do not.  We encourage guests to unplug for the week and instead, enjoy nature and your family.  If you must access the internet beyond that which your phone can provide, there is high-speed internet available in and around the lodge where guests can work.  See lodge staff for passwords.

  5. Do your cabins have air conditioning? NO, they do not.  We urge extreme caution when looking at resorts that offer this feature and Wi-Fi as they are likely covering for key items they do not have (i.e. natural sand beach, clean and clear lake, pools, updated and well-spaced cabins, sodded grounds or children’s programming).

  6. Can we bring a portable air conditioner?  NO, the electrical infrastructure will not support such a power draw.

  7. Are there TVs in the cabins?  NO, there are not.  If TV is a top priority item for you and your family, Eagle Beach offers more than what you need.  We recommend saving thousands of dollars by staying home.

  8. Can we bring a tent or RV? NO, we are not zoned for these items.

  9. Do you have a beach? YES, we have one of the largest west facing, natural sand beaches in the region.  There are no reserved spaces at the beach as all guests are encouraged to use the beach.  Additionally, water depth gradually increases as you go into the water.

  10. Do you rent boats?  NO, but we work closely with R&R Rental and WaterToys, both in Park Rapids.  These operators have the newest boats and pontoons and will deliver them right to our beach.  Call ASAP as they tend to book out a year in advance during the core weeks of summer.

  11. Where can we launch our boat?  Boats with inboard motors or those over 24’ in length can be launched at the Public Access, which is one mile across the lake.  The access is located one mile north of the County Road 40 turnoff on U.S. Highway 71.  For all other boats, we have a private resort boat launch in our marina area.  Please contact staff for use as they will be more than happy to provide free boat launching services.

  12. Where can we park our boat?  Most guests park their boat on the beach as this eliminates the opportunity for dock rash.  Guests can park at the docks if they wish and these are first come, first serve.  We do not supply boat bumpers.

  13. Are there any restaurants in the area you can recommend?  We have a number of excellent choices within 10 minutes of the resort. 

    • Clancy’s-Lakeside, super-club setting three minutes north of the resort on Island Lake.

    • Companeros-Famous Mexican restaurant in Dorset, 10 minutes east of the resort.

    • Niche’s-Italian cuisine on Main Street in Park Rapids.

    • The Good Life Café-American cuisine on Main Street in Park Rapids.

    • Rocky’s Pizza-One block north of 71/34 intersection in Park Rapids.

    • Rapid River Logging Camp-All you can eat family style breakfast five minutes southeast of the resort.

  14. Can we get to Potato or Island Lakes?  This depends on the water level and the size of your boat.  Nearly all boats (other than surf boats) will be able to make it through the river to Potato Lake.  There are times during extremely dry years where larger boats will not be able to traverse the river during the month of August.  Please ask the lodge staff for the best route possible given current water levels.  Potato Lake is the largest lake in the county at nearly 2000 acres. Island lake can be accessed when water levels permit, or if you have a pontoon or boat that has an outboard motor.  Island lake is 450 acres, which matches the size of Eagle Lake.

  15. Where do I put my boat trailer?  We park all trailers on the back road by the garbage dumpster.  Please feel free to ask for our free trailer parking service.  We’d be more than happy to park your trailer and park your vehicle at your cabin.

  16. Do you have kayaks and canoes?  YES, we have both and they are free to use on a first come, first serve basis.  DO NOT allow kids or adults to use the paddles as shovels on the beach.

  17. Do you have life jackets?  We do have some adult and children’s life jackets.  Please inquire at the lodge and return them to avoid a charge to your cabin.

  18. Can we have visitors stop that are not staying overnight?  YES, but your cabin will be charged $50/day or $300/week for each visitor, regardless of age.

  19. Where do I meet for the kid’s activities and what are the age requirements?  All children’s activities will assemble at the lodge, except for the sandcastle contest, which will take place at the beach.  Ages for programming are 3-12 years of age.

  20. How is the fishing?  The answer to this question is commensurate with the skill of the fisherperson, and the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest.  Please ask the lodge staff for the latest information on fishing patterns and strategies.  For real fish enthusiasts, ask staff about the 100’s of lakes within minutes of the resort you can explore.

  21. Do you sell bait and fishing licenses?  These can be purchased at Smokey Hills Outdoors, Northern Bait and Tackle, and Delaney’s, all in and around Park Rapids.

  22. Do you have a grocery store close to the resort?  YES, we have Hugo’s, Coborn’s, Wal-Mart, and Aldi, all less than 10 minutes away.

  23. Can we bring jetskis? YES, but you are not allowed to use them before 9am or after 9pm, and must stay 150 feet away from docks, weeds, wildlife, and all other boats and people.

  24. Can we bring a surf boat?  YES, but please be aware of lake etiquette and regulations.  We STRONGLY recommend staying at idle within 500 feet of shore.  In other words, stick to driving down the center of the lake for maximum enjoyment.  Additionally, if we can hear your music from the beach, that means others on the lake will as well.  Prepare for a visit from the sheriff’s department.  Lastly, if your boat exceeds 24’ in length, you will have a difficult time finding any lake in the area with an access deep enough to launch your craft…this is based on experience!!!

  25. Do you have firepits and can anyone use them?  YES, all five firepits are first come, first serve.  Firewood is for sale in the lodge.

  26. What are some of the primary attractions in the area?  Itasca State Park, one of Minnesota’s largest and most beautiful parks is 10 minutes north of the resort.  Walk across the headwaters of the Mississippi and view some of the only remaining “old growth” pines in the state.  Absolutely worth a day trip!  Other attractions include the C4 Challenge Course next to the resort, Golfing at Eagle View, Headwaters, or Blueberry Pines, and of course shopping on Main Street in Park Rapids.

  27. Do you supply toilet paper?  YES, please use the paper we provide as it is suited specifically for our septic systems.  Please see lodge staff if you need additional paper.

  28. Are your kitchens equipped? YES, our cabins have fully equipped kitchens.  Gas ranges, toasters, microwaves, Mr. Coffee, plates, silverware, glasses, cookie sheets, etc.  If you plan to conduct specialty cooking, please contact us to determine if there are specific items that we do not stock.

  29. Where do I park my car?  Each cabin has at least two designated parking spaces.  Some cabins have additional parking, but we recommend using our free overflow parking if you have more than two cars.  This area has designated parking signs 100 feet past the basketball court in the open gravel area.

  30. Can we put up hammocks?  Only on trees that are greater than 12 inches in diameter and they MUST NOT be placed on any of the banks leading to the rock wall and beach area.  This is an environmentally sensitive zone and the traffic from hammock use on these banks will create erosion issues.

  31. How large is Eagle Beach?  The resort sits on 20 acres of land at the southeastern most part of Eagle Lake.

  32. How large is Eagle Lake?  Eagle Lake is 450 acres.  The water in front of the resort gradually increases in depth.  Eagle lake has a maximum depth of 78 feet about ¾ of a mile out from the resort.  The water clarity of Eagle Lake ranges between 8-12 on a secchi disk. 

  33. Do have a swim platform?  NO.  As a result of our massive natural sand beach, there is no need for one.  Resorts that have swim platforms typically have no beach or a small human-made beach.

  34. Do you sell boat gas?  YES, we have mixed or regular fuel.  All of our gas is high octane and non-oxygenated, thus it carries a higher cost.  Anyone with an outboard or high-performance motor should only burn this type of fuel.  If needed, let the lodge staff know how much fuel you would like to purchase and we will charge it to your cabin, and bring it to your boat.

  35. Do you sell food at the lodge?  YES, we sell pizza and our extremely popular ice cream wafflecones, shakes and flurries.  And yes, we named “flurry” years before McDonalds did.  These items can be charged directly to your cabin.

  36. Do you sell ice?  NO, we do not.  The closet ice can be found at Foxy’s restaurant located three miles north of the resort.  Additionally, grocery stores and gas stations in Park Rapids stock ice.

  37. Do you sell charcoal and lighter fluid?  We recommend purchasing these items at the grocery stores in town or L&M Fleet on the east edge of Park Rapids.

  38. Can we put up clothes drying lines? YES, but please take them down when you depart.  Also, please be aware the irrigation system runs every night from midnight to 8am so anything left outside will be drenched by morning.

  39. My stove won’t doesn’t work or won’t light…What do I do?  Come to the lodge and let the staff know.  The pilot lights on range tops and ovens can go out on windy days if you have your windows and doors open.  We will be happy to re-light your range top and stove.  Some cabins have ranges with electronic ignition so if you are unsure of how to operate this feature, please ask lodge staff and we would be happy to help.

  40. Do you have walking, running, and biking trails?  YES, please ask the lodge staff and we can get you aligned based on your fitness and nature objectives.

  41. Do you have wildlife in the area?  We have a large number of creatures that roam in and around the resort.  Do not be alarmed if you see deer, squirrels, wolves, black bears, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, otters, and muskrats.  Other than squirrels, muskrats, or otters, if you see any of the other animals during daylight hours, do not be alarmed.  Just let a staff member know and we will make sure they get to where they need to go.

  42. Do you have boat battery chargers, jumper cables, and tools for basic repair?  The resort has a large number of tools and can be checked out, or better yet, ask a staff member to help solve your problem as they would be happy to give you a hand.

  43. Do you have mosquitos? YES, particularly in the early season. 

  44. Can we charge our electric car at your resort?  NO, the electrical infrastructure in rural America is years away from viability.  The only charging station within 20 miles of the resort is a Charge Point station located at Zorbaz restaurant outside of Dorset.

  45. Can we bring an off-road vehicle or golf cart?  NO, we do not allow these vehicles on the property.

  46. How old is the resort?  Eagle Beach began operation in 1921 and is 103 years old this year.

  47. Where did Eagle Lake get its name?  Historians have indicated the name came from the Ojibwe people hundreds of years ago.  While many lakes were renamed by early settlers, Eagle Lake preserves the original name given to it by the native people of the area.

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