4 pm Check In

7 pm Kids Games

7 pm Sauna


1 pm Kid Crafts & Beading

2 pm Kid Gymnastics

7 pm Movie and Popcorn

7 pm Hammerschlagen

8 pm Nertz Competition


10 am Kids Crafts

11 am Adventure at C4

3 pm   Youth Water Ski Lessons

7 pm   Adult Volleyball/Youth                  Basketball

8 pm   Night Games


10 am Kids Games

11 am Face Painting and Baking

1 pm   Melon Ball

7 pm   Movie and Popcorn

7 pm   Sauna


10 am      Family Decathlon

11 am      Scavenger Hunt

11:30 am Cabin Sandcastle Contest

1 pm        River Float

3 pm        Youth Water Ski Lessons

7 pm        Human Foosball                             Tournament for Families


10 am Donuts and Coffee

11 am Adventure at C4

1 pm   Obstacle Course Fitness                  Contest

6 pm   Resort Potluck

7 pm   Ping Pong Tournament

8 pm   Night games


10 am Frisbee Golf/Gaga Ball                        Tournament

11 am Kayak Race

7 pm   Checkout in Lodge


Please check out by 8:30 am on Saturday to prepare for our next guests.  We ask that you do not use technology when watching children that cannot swim at the pool for their safety.

Eagle Beach Kids Club!

Daily programming is created and supervised by school teachers and staff to enrich the creativity, education, and enjoyment of your children. Eagle Beach Kids Club is a perfect place for youngsters ages 3-12 to meet new friends, learn about the outdoors and enjoy the daily activities included with your stay at Eagle Beach. Parents are encouraged to take time for themselves by the pool, the beach, or go hiking while their kids participate in the supervised activities. Eagle Beach focuses on building a vacation that meets your family's needs.